Tonga Ross-Ma’u is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, and educator from San Diego. Raised in the music scene from an early age playing with his father’s band, Semisi and FulaBula, he was continuously exposed to top musicianship and artists from all different walks of life and music. He would continue developing his skills and writing in school (Wheaton College, MA) and would return to San Diego after graduating to work closely with Grammy Award Winning Producer Kamau Kenyatta. Tonga has continued to be a part of the local music scene since, over the years playing with different groups (Joe Garrison and Night People, One Drop, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble to name a few) as well as with his own projects (Ascent Trio, Chief Nasty). More recently he has focused his efforts on music production, releasing his own music combining his love of soul, jazz, and electronic music. In 2021 he was one of several producers tapped to write original music for the video game Rocket League (Psyonix/Epic). Tonga also continues his pursuit as an educator, teaching students privately, developing an online curriculum on his YouTube pages, and working with different music non-profit programs (Museum of Making Music, Kainga Music, Young Lions Jazz Conservatory, International Academy of Jazz).